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Nevzorov Nevzorov Vladimir Mihailovitch

Champion d'Europe de judo 1973,
1975 et 1977
Champion du Monde de judo 1975
Champion des Jeux Olympiques à Montréal, Canada 1976
A l'heure actuelle, Nevzorov est le président du Haut Conseil national de la Fédération russe de judo.
Cover of the Soviet scientific annual «Sports wrestling» of 1978






Valery Dvoinikov vs. Vladimir Nevzorov


Nevzorov DvoinikovExcerpt from an interview with Vladimir Nevzorov the "New Sports Gazette" No. 28 (40)

10-16.06.2002 Krasnodar

In the 70s there was not in the national judo more exciting duel, than Nevzorov - Dvoinikov. It were not too cramped in the same weight class for you?

If we start from the idea that there is only one gold medal at stake, then it is true. On the European and World Championships we drove together, but at the Olympics, each country may nominate only one person. But we still both went to Montreal, however, in different weight categories.
Valery, after losing to me in the final of the USSR Championship was placed in the higher weight class.
And it was a Solomonic decision: to leave such a master without of the Olympics had would be a blatant injustice. And Dvoinikov proved it by winning Olimpic silver medal in the middleweight by beating his opponents by ippon on the way to the final. He yielded only gorgeous, highly experienced Isamu Sonoda, world champion in 1969...

Your paths often crossed, who won more often?

We first met in 1971, twice, and both times in the finals, first in the tournament for the prize of the Sports Committee of the USSR, and then - in a dispute over a gold medal Champion of the USSR. Dvoinikov older and was more experienced than me - he already was member of the national team. Nevertheless, I won both fights ... After two years on the national championship in Riga I was defeated by Dvoinikov. This defeat was the only one in our face-to-face battles. In lucky for me 1975 the fate whittling us the three times in the decisive matches: at the national championships, Europe and the world. In Lyon & Vienna I won by Ippon. In the first case by Osaekomi, in the second case by Uchi-Mata. Pre-Olympic dispute also ended in my favor ... And I'm very proud of the positive balance in fights with Dvoinikov nothing less than victory over the Japanese. Dvoinikov in judo - the figure of a large caliber. One time, Valery was my ideal of fighter in kimono...

What was your relationship?

We were friends. Nobody wanted to give only on the mat...

The interview was conducted by Andrei Novikov

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